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Campaign and petition email responses | Statement on the Boys Need Bins Campaign

Campaign and petition email responses

Statement on the Boys Need Bins Campaign

Thank you for writing to me about an issue which affects so many men across Scotland. The SNP commend the work of Prostate Cancer UK in advocating for and supporting those with prostate cancer.

As you may know, health is a devolved matter to the Scottish Parliament.

Recently, the Scottish Government have announced £70m to ensure the fast diagnosis of cancers and other illnesses of the digestive system, bladder and prostate.


In the Spring, the Scottish Government will be publishing a new 10-year cancer strategy, along with an initial 3-year action plan, which will include a focus on earlier diagnosis.


The Scottish Government recognise that continence issues affect people of all ages and can have a profound effect on an individual’s quality of life.


The majority of NHS Scotland boards have dedicated continence teams that provide direct care and support to patients. They also provide advice and support to other health professionals, including the care sector and carers, who manage bladder and bowel problems.


In February 2019, the Scottish Government started to introduce hygiene bins into some male and gender-neutral toilets.


In Scottish Government buildings where there are no gender-neutral toilets, sanitary disposal bins are placed in each cubicle of the male toilet/toilet block located in areas where there is a high visitor footfall.

My SNP colleagues and I will continue to highlight the vital work being done by Prostate Cancer UK and the SNP Scottish Government will always prioritise ensuring those with illnesses such as Prostate Cancer enjoy a good quality of life.

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