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Campaign and petition email responses | Action needed on Iran

Campaign and petition email responses

Action needed on Iran

Like countless people around the world, I have been watching recent events in Iran intently. As you rightly say, this is the largest wave of anti-government protests in Iran in recent years. For people both inside and outside Iran, this feels like a watershed moment for Iranian society, which has long suffered under the strict authoritarianism and suppression of the Iranian regime.

The bravery of Iranian citizens, especially Iranian women, is inspiring, and we stand in full solidarity with them.

I am extremely concerned by the authorities' response to protestors. The Iranian Government has vowed to further crack down “with no leniency” on “those who oppose the country’s security and tranquillity” – an ominous indication of further mistreatment of demonstrators to come.

The increased use of the death penalty this year is particularly troubling and horrifying.

The SNP are a party of peace, diplomacy, and international law. We abhor acts of violence committed by any Government, and we call on leaders all around the world to uphold their international legal commitments to transparency, accountability, and protection of their people.

It is essential that Governments around the world speak with one voice - they must tell the Iranian regime that enough is enough and urge them to stop their violent crackdowns of protestors, and end the barbaric punishments.

The SNP's Foreign Affairs Spokesperson in Westminster, Alyn Smith MP, wrote a letter to the Foreign Secretary demanding more action from the UK Government. In particular, he demanded to know what UK Embassy in Tehran doing to protect protestors (particularly women) in Iran, what they are doing to assist UK/dual nationals currently in Iran, and what steps UK diplomats are putting in place to support ethnic minorities (particularly Kurds) amidst increased regime crackdowns. Mr Smith also demanded an urgent statement from the UK Government on Iran as soon as MPs return to Parliament after Conference Recess.

Furthermore, SNP MPs have raised Iranian human rights violations in the House of Commons on numerous occasions. Recently, Brendan O'Hara MP (SNP Spokesperson for International Human Rights) said in June 2022: "I hope that the policymakers who gather in London next week are able to hear at first hand from the people in Pakistan, India, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Myanmar, Xinjiang, Iran and elsewhere in the world who do not enjoy the freedoms that we take for granted."

My SNP colleagues and I in Westminster will continue to do all we can to ensure a light is shone of these cases and that the UK Government condemns the actions of the Iranian regime in the strongest possible terms.

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