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#WorkTrialsOnTrial | Southside MP introduces Bill to end unpaid work trials


Southside MP introduces Bill to end unpaid work trials

SNP MP Stewart McDonald has presented a Private Members' Bill to Parliament that seeks to end exploitative, unpaid trial shifts for workers.

Ahead of presenting the Bill, Stewart McDonald MP said;

"Unpaid trial shifts are exploitative to workers - particularly young people, students and migrants. If people are going to be offered a trial period where they apply their skills in the hope of securing work then they should be paid fairly and properly.

"The law in this area is incredibly grey. My Bill will make it clear that if a trial period is to be offered then the employer must pay up for that period whether or not a full offer of employment is made.

"This consultation is seeking the views of people who want to tell me what they think about this practice and how they would like to see it change and offer people better protection in the workplace."

Click here to take part in the consultation and have your say on unpaid work trials.

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