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#WorkTrialsOnTrial | MP condemns Government’s guidance on unpaid work trials


MP condemns Government’s guidance on unpaid work trials

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, has condemned the UK Government’s new guidance on unpaid work trials, saying workers will continue to miss out on pay for the work they do.

This week, the UK Government released updated guidance on unpaid work trials, and who is entitled to the minimum wage, with the document stating that unpaid work trials are permissible as part of a “genuine recruitment process”.

The MP for Glasgow South has been campaigning to ban unpaid work trials, and had a Private Members Bill aimed at banning this exploitative practice blocked by the Government earlier this year.

Commenting, Stewart McDonald said:

“Whilst it is welcome that the Government have finally acknowledged that unpaid work trials are prevalent across the board, this guidance does not go far enough in protecting vulnerable workers.

“The Government is still clearly of the view that unpaid work trials should be permitted, and, despite saying such trials should last no longer than one day, the guidance is too vague in protecting workers should they fall victim to longer unpaid trials.

“The culture of unpaid work is a scourge on society and the UK Government has to get a grip and make it clear that this practice should be banned outright – no ifs, no buts.

“During the 2018 budget, the Chancellor said that ‘work must always pay’. But we know that is still not what is happening in reality, and this guidance proves that will continue to be the case. It’s time for the Government’s actions to match their rhetoric”


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