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#WorkTrialsOnTrial | Consultation results on Bill to end unpaid trial shifts “deeply troubling”


Consultation results on Bill to end unpaid trial shifts “deeply troubling”

A SNP MP’s consultation on banning unpaid trial shifts has shown over half of respondents have been asked to complete an unpaid trial shift or knew somebody that had.

Stewart McDonald MP, the SNP MP for Glasgow South, introduced the Unpaid Trial Work Periods (Prohibition) Bill in Parliament, and launched the consultation to enable people to give their views on the practice

The consultation showed nearly 60 per cent of respondents had done an unpaid trial shift, or knew somebody that had, with some never being offered employment at the end of the trial.

Trial shifts entail working for free, in order to secure a job, and are common practice in the UK - particularly in hospitality.

"The results of the consultation show some deeply troubling and and degrading experiences, with problems in particular industries, and demonstrates exactly why better legislation is needed to offer people better protection in the workplace

"If people are going to be offered a trial period where they apply their skills in the hope of securing work then they should be paid fairly and properly. These results have shown the worrying extent of how unpaid trial shifts are exploitative to workers - particularly young people, students and migrants.

"This will now add to the discussions I've already had with trade unions, employers, universities and MPs across all parties, to ensure we come up with a Bill that protects those seeking a job from exploitation.”

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