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Campaign and petition email responses | Will you support banning private jets?

Campaign and petition email responses

Will you support banning private jets?

The Scottish Government takes climate change seriously, and was the first government in the world to declare a climate emergency.

The only future for the aviation industry is a decarbonised one, and Scotland is leading the world in aviation decarbonisation ambition.

It also has the most ambitious aerospace decarbonisation plan in the world, with a commitment to making Scotland the world's first Zero Emission Aviation Zone by 2040.

While people rely on aviation for practical, cost, or availability reasons, a fact especially true for Scotland's highland and Island communities, it remains far more important to pursue systemic change and decarbonisation than individual behaviour change.

This is why the Scottish Government is investing in sustainable aviation fuels as an alternative to kerosine based ones.

The Scottish Government is also investing in Scotland's newly re-nationalised rail network, to provide cheaper, zero or low-emissions travel for all.

With the limited powers of devolution, the Scottish Government can neither ban private aeroplanes nor raise taxes on them.

Were the UK to follow the example of other European countries such as France, in banning short haul flights or placing higher taxes on private jets the SNP would support these measures whole-heartedly.

However, with a Tory PM who takes private flights and helicopter rides rather than taking the train or commercial flights as other MPs or the First Minister does, that doesn't look likely.

The SNP have repeatedly called out the Prime Minister for his excessive use of private aviation, and will continue to do so.

Only with independence will the Scottish Government be able to take action itself and push forwards the fight against climate change.

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