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Campaign and petition email responses | Unfair HMRC fines

Campaign and petition email responses

Unfair HMRC fines

The SNP have repeatedly called out the hypocrisy in the UKG’s draconian treatment of ordinary people who are fined by DWP and HMRC, compared to the very lenient treatment afforded to wealthy individuals who benefit from UKG sanctioned special treatment, through things like the “non-dom” status.

In the 2020-21 financial year, more than 180,000 people who are paid less than £12,500 were fined by HMRC for failing to fill out a self-assessment on time.  

Imposing fines on people who are already struggling through the cost of living crisis is ludicrous, and SNP MP Richard Thompson recently highlighted this in Parliament.

He asked the UKG about the increase in profits for the private company, Integrated Debt Services, which helps the UKG chase unpaid loans and council tax. In response to this, the relevant Government Minister said she would look into these increased profits.

The SNP will continue to call for an end to the UKG’s “two tiered” tax system, which results in different rules being applied for ordinary individuals compared with those who are very wealthy.

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