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Campaign and petition email responses | Testing cosmetic ingredients on animals

Campaign and petition email responses

Testing cosmetic ingredients on animals

Animal welfare is an area which the SNP takes extremely seriously. The SNP has been vocal in addressing concerns in this area at a UK level and committed in the Scottish Government’s Program for Government to take steps to strengthen animal welfare legislation.

The Scottish Government acts on the expert scientific and ethical advice given by the Animal Welfare Commission, a body of leading animal welfare experts, veterinary surgeons, and the head of the Scottish SPCA which are responsible for developing evidence led expert recommendations on issues relating to animal welfare and sentience.

Organisations such as Medical Research Scotland operate under the principles of the Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research namely: Replace the use of animals with alternative methods, where possible; Reduce the number of animals used; and Refine experimental methods and care and attention of animals to achieve the highest welfare standards. Decisions to fund research involving animals are peer reviewed by experts to ensure these principles are followed. Although it ought to be recognised that the burden for compliance to the three Rs relies on an individual company’s decision moreover than adherence to law.

In the last parliament, SNP MP Dr Lisa Cameron called for greater transparency in the animal research industry and a greater commitment for the UK Government to understand the sentience of animals and their welfare rights.

SNP MPs will continue to pressure the UK Government to update animal welfare legislation to be more in line with the ethical and humane rights of animals to improve animal welfare standards domestically, and internationally will push the UK Government to urge international actors to commit to better animal welfare on a global scale.

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