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Campaign and petition email responses

Support our shopworkers

The Criminal Justice Bill is a UK Government bill currently making its way through Parliament. Certain sections of this legislation will affect the whole of the UK including Scotland, but others will only affect England and Wales.

The proposed amendment (new clause 41) to the Bill introducing a new offence for assaults on retail workers would only have impacted England and Wales. The clause was debated and put to a vote during committee stage of the Bill on 30th January 2024 where it was voted against by 9 to 6, with those SNP MPs on the committee abstaining.

As you have noted there is already equivalent legislation in place in Scotland. The Protection of Workers (Retail and Age-restricted Goods and Services) (Scotland) Act 2021 was passed unanimously by the Scottish Parliament, with SNP members voting in favour of the legislation.

The SNP are clear that no-one should face threats or violence in their workplace, and we fully support law enforcement agencies in taking robust enforcement action to deal with any such attacks or threats made against retail workers. Retail workers should feel safe, supported, and protected by our criminal laws.

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