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Campaign and petition email responses | Ban Trophy Hunting

Campaign and petition email responses

Ban Trophy Hunting


My SNP colleagues and I continue to support a ban on the barbaric and cruel act that is trophy hunting.

The SNP are committed to protecting the welfare of animals and will continue to legislate to improve the welfare of animals in Scotland and within the UK. However, whilst the Scottish Government has experience in managing stringent animal welfare standards to the highest levels, matching EU ambitions, the UK lags & is in serious danger on renegading on animal welfare issues.


The Scottish government is currently reviewing the current situation regarding trophy hunting in Scotland and considering whether changes to the law are required. These changes will be advised by the Animal Welfare Commission of independent experts that advises the Scottish Government on animal welfare matters.

The Animals and Wildlife (Penalties, Protections and Powers) (Scotland) Bill was passed in the Scottish Parliament in June 2020, enshrining in law tougher penalties for the worst offenders against animals. The legislation sees penalties increased from a maximum of 12 months in prison and a £20,000 fine to five years and an unlimited fine, and means Scotland leads the way in fighting animal abuse in the UK.

At Westminster, SNP MPs have been involved in seeing the Ivory Bill pass in the Commons. We have also supported and sponsored numerous EDMs regarding the banning of hunt trophy imports, and memorabilia, including that published by the late Sir David Amess MP.

Initially, the SNP welcomed the UK Government intentions to bring in an Animals Abroad Bill that would seek to tackle illegal trophy hunting, control the import and export of hunting trophies of endangered animals like ivory tusks and crackdown on international animal abuse trade within the UK and abroad. However, as the Bill has been dropped due to the Tory party once again descending into chaos, it is deeply disappointing the UK Government fails to legislate to protect the lives of endangered animals which are at perilous risk and shows that animal welfare is not as high a priority as it is to much as the electorate.

It is imperative the UK Government gets a grip and better legislates to protect animals in the UK and abroad. The SNP continue to urge the UK Government to listen to the people and prioritise the abolition of trophy hunting.

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