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Campaign and petition email responses | Statement on the Illegal Migration Bill

Campaign and petition email responses

Statement on the Illegal Migration Bill

Since the Bill was announced, my constituency inbox has been flooded with communications from constituents expressing their outrage, shock, and growing disgust with your department’s stated policy towards refugees, and complete absence of humanity.

For the Home Secretary to suggest that “There are 100 million people displaced around the world, and likely billions more eager to come here if possible” is a wholly disingenuous claim, and disgraceful scaremongering in extremist language.

Instead of ensuring that there are safe, legal channels for those seeking refuge to apply for asylum, the UK Government are denying people access to the basic requirements of the UK’s international legal humanitarian obligations.

The Home Office’s response to our asylum and immigration system has been one of obfuscation, misdirection and sheer denial of reality, and this policy has been rightly criticised by politicians across party divides, charities, and faith leaders.

Even now, it is not too late, to halt this Bill and stop the precipitate rush towards trampling over the UK’s international obligations. If the Bill proceeds to the House, I will vote against it.

The Government can decide whether Britain is seen as a leader in humanitarian support and refuge for those in need, or can decide that Britain is viewed as being uncaring, nasty, and insular.

I will continue to fight for the rights of those fleeing persecution to seek a safe refuge in the UK, and to speak out against your cynical, arbitrary, and increasingly authoritarian disregard for the lives of those most in need of support.

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