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Campaign and petition email responses | Statement on the Emissions Trading Scheme

Campaign and petition email responses

Statement on the Emissions Trading Scheme

The fight against climate change is one of the key priorities of the SNP Scottish Government. The Scottish Government was the first in the world to declare a climate emergency, and to declare a joint biodiversity and climate emergency.


The scale of the crisis facing us all, and the necessity of action, was a cornerstone of the SNP Scottish Government – Scottish Green Party cooperation agreement, which will drive Scotland to greater climate action.


We need Government to drive the necessary system change to make our food, transport, and energy more sustainable.


The Emissions Trading Scheme, jointly administered by the four Governments in the UK, works to gradually reduce the level of emissions being produced by energy intensive industries in the UK.


While you are right in identifying that there are allowances for emissions under the ETS, these operate as a cap on emissions, and the number of allowances are reducing by 4.2 million a year, so while there were around 80 million allowances in 2022, there will be fewer than 76 million in 2023.


This gradual reduction in allowances enables companies to invest in sustainable alternatives at a rate that is environmentally and economically sustainable.


Companies that fail to abide by the limits in Scotland do face punitive fines, with drinks producer Diageo alone facing over £1 million in penalties.


There is scope for faster reduction in allowances however, and the ETS is reviewed regularly.

Please be assured that the SNP Scottish Government in Edinburgh see the climate crisis as a top priority in Government and will work to ensure the Emissions Trading Scheme is both effective and practicable.

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