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Campaign and petition email responses

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The UK Government’ new Elections Act contains myriad worrying measures, including the restriction of the involvement of civil society in elections, and the restriction of the right to vote through voter ID requirements that are manifestly unneeded in the UK.

SNP MPs have repeatedly condemned the undemocratic Elections Act as it passed through parliament, with SNP MP Brendan O’Hara taking lead in the battle against this terrible act. The SNP even put up more opposition to the Bill’s rolling back of PR voting in England than Labour did, showing that even when this Tory Government rolls back on democracy Labour can’t be relied upon to offer effective or vocal resistance.

This government has no interest in accepting alterations or recommendations for their bills, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. While the devolved governments in Scotland and Wales develop and protect the franchise, the UK Government is determined to undermine the right to vote and the integrity of UK elections.

That is why the Tories voted down every SNP amendment that would have stripped the worst elements from the bill. The Government’s refusal to accept any reform of the bill meant the SNP voted against the bill in its entirety at 3rd reading, but the Westminster system means that the Government was able to force it through.

The UK Government even rejected the very slight amendments the Lords attempted to include in the bill, and ensured that the Act was passed into law in the worst possible form it could have taken.

The local elections in England demonstrated the harm of voter ID changes, with thousands turned away from voting due to the draconian new requirements.

Even one of the chief supporters of the Bill and regime that passed it, Jacob Rees Mogg, referred to the move as "gerrymandering" to fix the election.

The SNP call on the UK Government to reverse their decisions on voter ID, or at the very least expand the list of acceptable ID.

The SNP will never implement unfair, punishing, and agist voter ID requirements for Holyrood or local Scottish Elections.

The SNP will continue to highlight the power grabbing nature of this Tory Government, and their undermining of elections, but the only way that Scotland can be protected from the grasping ambitions of the Westminster Tories and a Labour Party that refuses to stand up to them is through independence, and the creation of a Modern, Democratic Scotland in which the integrity of electoral democracy cannot be undermined by a Tory government that has a majority of seats, not voters, and a complete lack of respect for democracy.

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