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Campaign and petition email responses | If we vote to strike, it's for our patients

Campaign and petition email responses

If we vote to strike, it's for our patients

‚ÄčThe right to strike and withdraw one’s labour is one of the most fundamental rights workers, and all people, have. It is of vital importance, and has delivered weekends, public holidays, safety conditions, sick pay, and more.

Even when pay disputes have arisen in Scotland, the Scottish Government have never once questioned the right of workers to strike, or sought to prevent them from doing so.

The Scottish Government and the SNP completely believe that negotiation is the way to resolve industrial disputes, not heavy handed anti-strike measures.

The SNP remain completely committed to the rights of workers to strike, and utterly opposed to the UK Government's abhorrent anti-strikes act.

The SNP led opposition to the act in Westminster, and attempted to stop it at every step even where the Labour party have let it go through unopposed.

The SNP sought to stop the act from progressing through parliament at all, but Labour’s refusal to back the SNP and allowed it to continue.

The SNP attempted to amend the act in several ways, including removing Scotland from the scope of the bill or preventing it from applying to devolved services, but this was rejected by the Tories.

The Scottish Government has made clear that it will not under any circumstances introduce the measures authorised under the act, or enforce them.

The UK Government has said it would be willing to override the Scottish Government and force the use of minimum service levels and work notices however, something which would be a violation of both devolution and workers rights.

The only way to protect Scottish workers, in the face of an anti-worker Tory party and an abstentionist Labour party who refuse to stand up for Scotland, is independence.

As an independent country with a written constitution, Scotland will be able to enshrine workers’ rights and ensure no future Government can abolish or undermine them on a whim.

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