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Campaign and petition email responses | High risk of nuclear war

Campaign and petition email responses

High risk of nuclear war

Our resolve in support of Ukraine must continue as Putin makes increasingly worrying nuclear threats.

As First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said at the start of Russia’s invasion “Perhaps only thing nuclear weapons are deterring is the ability to properly and directly help Ukraine.”

Nuclear weapons do not make any nations stronger, their presence only makes all nations weaker. They make our lives more perilous and spending billions to ensure possession of our own world-ending devices only makes that doomsday scenario more likely.

We want to see Russia swiftly withdraw from the entirety of Ukraine and for the full liberation of Ukraine.
A genuinely peaceful and long-term resolution must be brought about following constant dialogue.

We call on the international community, leaders in Ukraine and Russia, and the UK Government to facilitate that dialogue wherever possible and whenever possible.

  • We have seen that the previous Minsk Agreements failed in February 2022; that cannot be repeated once again.
  • We know however, that Putin wants to dismantle the Ukrainian state and continue this war of attrition with his original objectives. A resolution would likely be seen as a humiliation for Putin.
We hear the calls of Ukrainian leaders and civilians asking for more support, including military support.
We want to ensure that Ukraine regains its sovereign territory, and that Putin loses this war. Scotland stands for democracy, human rights and the rule of law at home and abroad.

In the meantime, SNP MSPs and MPs will make clear their meaningful support for nuclear disarmament.

Scots have shown no appetite to continue to finance a multi-billion-pound nuclear arsenal. This spending splurge continues at the cost of our conventional defence capabilities which suffer deep budget cuts.

We will have a defence policy that actually responds to threats facing Scotland and one that fulfils our international obligations to the cause of peace.

If we are to achieve a world without nuclear weapons, it is imperative that the UK Government and its international partners commit wholeheartedly to multilateral nuclear disarmament.

Only with the powers of Independence can Scotland turn its back on mentalities like the one on display by this UK Government in the House of Commons.

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