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Campaign and petition email responses | A Fair Asylum System

Campaign and petition email responses

A Fair Asylum System

The recent shocking reports from Manston immigration facility have laid bare the inevitable consequences of the Tory Hostile Environment approach. Just as shocking was the Home Secretary’s refusal to take responsibility for her own actions that lead to these events and her attempt to blame others, something which even her own Conservative colleauges have said they do not accept or trust.

Every single person making the perilous journey across the English Channel should be treated with dignity and compassion – something this Tory government are completely devoid of.

My SNP colleagues Stuart McDonald MP and Anne McLaughlin MP have been vocal in their opposition to the UK Government’s hostile environment and have spoken in the House of Commons on the reports from Manston.

The SNP also opposed the Immigration Bill when it went through parliament and also opposed against the damaging and anti-refugee Nationality and Borders Bill as well as the damaging Rwanda proposal that the Bill would enable.

Rest assured that SNP MPs at Westminster will continue to hold the Home Office to account on these issues and to urge UK Ministers to drop their hostile environment approach or devolve the powers needed to Scotland to allow the Scottish Government to build an immigration system with decency, fairness and respect at its centre.

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