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Campaign and petition email responses | Dogs on death row

Campaign and petition email responses

Dogs on death row

The Dangerous Dogs Act itself is a flawed piece of legislation which was rushed through Westminster years ago.

The SNP have led Scotland ahead of England and Wales in protecting animal rights, and in control of dogs.

The SNP and Scottish Government are continuing to do what we can to promote the highest animal welfare standards.
The Scottish Government has modernised the law on control of dogs, in order to tackle the problem of irresponsible dog ownership.

The Control of Dogs (Scotland) Act 2010 was designed to highlight the responsibilities of dog owners by putting in place a regime that identifies "out of control" dogs at an early juncture and provides measures to change the behaviour of these dogs and their owners before they become dangerous. The UK Government should follow this approach taken by the Scottish Government

The focus of the Act concentrates on the "deed not the breed" approach in tackling irresponsible dog ownership. 
SNP MPs at Westminster will continue to pressure the UK Government to update animal welfare legislation to be more in line with the ethical and sentience rights of animals to improve animal welfare standards and ensure specific dogs are not penalised because of their breed.

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