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Brexit - Boris Johnson's Deal

Glasgow MP calls for judge-led inquiry on Brexit vote

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, said the Prime Minister should halt the Brexit process and set up a judge-led inquiry to investigate disinformation and allegations of dodgy funding in the Leave campaign.

Ending free movement "historically illiterate"

During the Immigration Bill debate, Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, said it would be historically illiterate to cheer the ending of freedom of movement.

MP seeks clarity over “enhanced” status for the devolved Governments as part of Brexit

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, questioned the Prime Minister on the phrase she used about an “enhanced” status for the devolved Governments.

Southside MP urges Government to scrap Tory tax on EU citizens

Stewart McDonald MP called on the UK Government to scrap the settled status fee being put upon EU citizens as a result of Brexit.

No-deal Brexit could see Glasgow South lose 400 jobs, study shows

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, has said data showing Glasgow South could lose nearly 400 jobs if the UK leaves the EU without a deal is “frightening”, and called on the UK Government to rule out a no deal Brexit.

Draft Withdrawal Agreement statement


The draft deal the Prime Minister has brought back does not protect Scotland’s interests. We need to ensure either the UK remains in the Single Market and Customs Union, or Scotland should have its own special arrangement like is reportedly to be the case for Northern Ireland.

People's Vote

If there is an opportunity to give people another say to reaffirm our desire to stay in the EU then I, and other SNP MPs, would back it.

Southside MP questions Prime Minister on overturning Article 50

Stewart McDonald MP asked the Prime Minister if overturning the triggering of Article 50 was open to parliament.

MP slams Tories' Trump-esque immigration plans

Stewart McDonald MP has slammed the Tories “Make Britain Great Again” immigration policy.

Debate on the Sewel Convention

Stewart McDonald MP said the UK Government must do more to speak up for the people of Scotland, and protect the Scottish Parliament.

Urgent Question - Legal challenge to EU Continuity Bill

Stewart McDonald MP said the UK Government's legal challenge to the Scottish Parliament's EU Continuity Bill raises serious questions about their attitude towards to the Scottish Parliament.

Brexit bill: Government loses key vote

The House of Commons has agreed a proposal that the final Brexit deal has to be approved in a new law passed by Parliament. Stewart McDonald MP voted to approve Amendment 7 to the EU Withdrawal Bill, which was passed by 309 to 305 votes.

MP pledges support to campaign to #KeepErasmusPlus

Stewart McDonald MP has supported a campaign launched by youth and third sector organisations across the United Kingdom to keep ErasmusPlus, a vital European exchange programme which has benefited over half a million people.

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