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Brexit | Statement on the UK's departure from the EU


Statement on the UK's departure from the EU

It is with deep regret and great sadness that UK is set to leave the EU today.

Voters were promised, in the 2019 general election, that the current UK Government would “Get Brexit Done”, we are far from getting it done as we head into the transition period.

A no-deal Brexit is still possible at the end 2020, and it is crucial that action is taken immediately to avoid a catastrophic hard-Brexit, which will hurt our economy, throw uncertainty upon citizen’s rights and have potentially life-threatening consequences in our health sector.

My SNP colleagues and I will continue to work constructively, and across party lines, to try and deliver as soft an impact as possible, but the numerical reality of this Parliament means the Conservatives are likely to force through a deal of any form that they want.

I have done my utmost to honour the expressed wishes of the people of my own constituency and the vast majority Scotland – who voted to remain in the EU – which is why I voted to stop Brexit, and why I will continue to voice my support for Scotland to be part of the EU.

To that end, it is vital that we now give the people of Scotland the chance to have a say over their own future.

As a result of Brexit, I know there are many of people across this nation that will be feeling a sense of loss and possible anxiety, but it is my job as an MP to ensure we move forward together so that Scotland’s pro-European voice remains heard.

The results of the 2019 general election made it clear that Scotland wants the opportunity to secure a European future in an independence referendum.

I look forward to working together to ensure Scotland soon becomes part of that collective group of independent countries that come together for the good of all to protect workers, tackle climate change, preserve peace and guarantee our freedom of movement – which happens through membership of the EU.

Whilst today is a day of deep sadness, I remain hopeful that one day, in the not too distant future, Scotland will take its rightful place at the table as an independent country within the EU.

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