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People's Vote

If there is an opportunity to give people another say to reaffirm our desire to stay in the EU then I, and other SNP MPs, would back it.

That includes seeking an extension of the Article 50 negotiating period, voting for a new referendum on Brexit if that choice is put to the House of Commons and seeking to build consensus for continued membership of the single market and the customs union.

Whilst my party colleagues and I would vote, unconditionally, for a People's Vote on Brexit, we must ensure that Scotland is once again not put in a position where the country votes to remain in the EU, but is dragged out anyway as a result of votes elsewhere.

The democratic deficit has been clearer than ever over the past two years.

I am still of the mind-set that the best future for Scotland is an active member of the EU. Whilst I support a People's Vote, as people may be changing their mind as the Brexit circumstances unfold, a repeat of the outcome from the 2016 EU referendum that saw Scotland vote to remain, but still faced with being taken out of the EU against our will would be unacceptable.

Should the People’s Vote arise in Parliament, I would vote for it, but we must ensure Scotland’s voice is heard and respected should there be another vote. Otherwise, , it won’t resolve the same issue that Scotland faced in 2016 and we’d face exit anyway.

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