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Brexit | MP slams Tories' Trump-esque immigration plans


MP slams Tories' Trump-esque immigration plans

Stewart McDonald MP has slammed the Tories “Make Britain Great Again” immigration policy.

The criticism came following the prime minister’s promise to prioritise high-skilled workers that meet a minimum salary, whilst also ending EU free movement access after Brexit.

Commenting, the MP for Glasgow South said:

“The Prime Minister has clearly taken a Trump-esque ‘Make Britain Great Again’ approach to her immigration policy, which is branded as a fair system for all, but in reality only benefits the rich and wealthy, whilst restricting our own citizens.

“The new immigration policy not only fails to understand the needs of the Scottish economy, it also ignores the huge benefits of free movement for people across these islands.

“Right now people can work, travel, study, love, retire across the continent without additional costs and bureaucracy, and the Tories want to restrict that to this one island – that is not increasing opportunity.

"Immigration has been of a huge benefit to Glasgow South, with migrants working in all sectors across the Southside, and actively doing their bit to contribute to the community, such as Sunshine Koffee Community Interest Company and the Happy to Translate groups.

“The Prime Minister must reconsider this to ensure we have an immigration policy that meets the need of our economy but also offers our citizens opportunities, or she must devolve immigration powers so that Scotland can develop a policy that works for our economy and society.”

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