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Brexit | Draft Withdrawal Agreement statement


Draft Withdrawal Agreement statement


The draft deal the Prime Minister has brought back does not protect Scotland’s interests. We need to ensure either the UK remains in the Single Market and Customs Union, or Scotland should have its own special arrangement like is reportedly to be the case for Northern Ireland.

As the deal stands, we in the SNP would vote against.

The SNP Group Leader in Westminster has called for the Prime Minister to extend Article 50 and build a consensus for continued membership of the single market and the customs union.

Only then would we consider supporting this least damaging Brexit option. I would rather the UK did not leave the EU.

Another option would be to support a People’s Vote on Brexit, which I would vote for if the opportunity arose in the House of Commons. But, we must ensure that Scotland is once again not put in a position where the country votes to remain in the EU, but is dragged out anyway as a result of votes elsewhere.

Events of the past few days have made it clear that the Prime Minister cannot command a majority in the House of Commons for her Brexit deal.

I will not support it, and urge her go to back and secure a deal that meets the expressed wishes of the people of Scotland – who voted to remain in the EU.

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