UK Government "must pledge to end" unpaid work trials

SNP MP Stewart McDonald has written to the UK Business Minister for clarification on the continuing use of unpaid work trials and has said it is ‘discouraging’ that the UK government still regards them as ‘permissible.’ Stewart McDonald said he would continue the campaign to ban exploitative unpaid trial shifts after Tory MPs ‘talked out’ his Private Members Bill at Westminster.

Campaign to ban exploitative unpaid trial shifts goes on after Tories talk out MP's Bill

Stewart McDonald MP has pledged to continue its campaign to ban exploitative unpaid trial shifts, after the Tory UK government talked out his Unpaid Trial Work Periods (prohibition) Bill at Westminster today.

Glasgow South MP leads debate on unpaid work trials ban

Presenting the Unpaid Trial Work Periods (Prohibition) Bill, Stewart McDonald urged MPs to back the Bill and end this exploitative work practice.

MP calls for unpaid shifts to be illegal

Widespread and cross-party support for Bill to end "workplace exploitation"

Stewart McDonald MP has commented on the publication of his Private Members Bill on Unpaid Trial Shifts at Westminster and has said that if it passes we will be ‘one step closer to ending some of the exploitations that still exist in the workplace.’

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