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Latest news | UK Government urged to help end rising  Arab-Israeli conflict

Latest news

UK Government urged to help end rising Arab-Israeli conflict

Stewart McDonald MP has written to the Foreign Secretary expressing growing concern at the increasing escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinian people, and urged the UK Government to explore every avenue to help bring this to an end.

In the letter, the MP for Glasgow South said:

"Both [Israel and Palestine] must stop immediately.

"I strongly condemn all breaches of international law and violence and support a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.

"Whilst we enjoy good diplomatic relations with Israel, we cannot, and must not, be silent on the injustices that have been committed against the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian people deserve more than warm words of understanding and sympathy. They deserve recognition of their plight and they deserve the support of the international community.

"It is extremely concerning that the Israeli Government has not listened to the international community but instead is intent on pursuing more evictions and continued occupation of Palestinian territories. Israel’s disregard for international law has only been emboldened by the unconditional impunity afforded by the international community.

"Accountability is needed now more than ever - now is a time for leadership in the International community.

"Whilst there is a continuation of human rights violations, the UK Government needs to impose an arms embargo on Israel. This action would give more credence to the UK’s position on the illegal Israeli actions on settlement and occupation and demonstrate the UK’s longstanding commitment to a just and honourable two state solution that respects both people.

"There is much that the UK can do to promote a new impetus to détente and understanding in the Holy Land, but it will not be easy.

"It will require the same moral rigour to be applied to the actions of the British state as to those of both parties, in this conflict."

The full letter can be found here

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