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UK Government must hold Volkswagen to account

Volkswagen's failure to compensate UK owners of cars affected by the emissions scandal as they are US owners is "deeply unfair".

The report on the diesel emissions scandal by the Transport Committee says the Government should investigate and consider prosecuting Volkswagen for its deception, but it has been far too slow to act.

Volkswagen have perverted environmental regulations, they have treated customers in the UK and Europe with disdain, and treated regulation as a charade. It is deeply concerning that all they've received from the government is a slap on the wrist.

Real action must be taken against manufacturers that cheat. Without sanctions, there is little to stop a similar scandal from happening again.

The Department for Transport needs to up its game and save the car industry from itself. The lack of compensation to customers in the UK is deeply unfair, and the Government must ensure that consumers are not out of pocket in any way as a result of the emissions scandal or Volkswagen’s fixes to affected vehicles.

The Transport Select Committee's report on the Volkswagen emissions scandal is available here.

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