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MP calls on Government to immediately restore NMW naming and shaming policy

Stewart McDonald MP has slammed the UK Government for suspending its National Minimum Wage (NMW) naming and shaming policy, saying it could lead to an increase in the number of employers not paying the minimum wage and further use of unpaid work trials, and called for the policy to be restored immediately.

SNP MP launches new cross-party group to tackle unpaid work trials

SNP MP Stewart McDonald will today launch a new cross-party group in Parliament in a bid to tackle the growing concern of unpaid work trials.

Unpaid work: MP slams BBC Director General for lack of action

SNP MP Stewart McDonald has hit out at the BBC Director General for a lack of action on unpaid trial shifts, despite the broadcaster previously committing to ending the practice.

One year on: MP vows to step up campaign against unpaid work

SNP MP Stewart McDonald has vowed to ramp up pressure to ban exploitative unpaid trial shifts, one year on from when the Tory government talked out and blocked his Private Members’ Bill.

Calls for immediate legislation to ban unpaid work trials

Stewart McDonald MP has called on the UK government to bring forward its own legislation to prevent unscrupulous employers from asking job applicants to work without any payment or guarantee of a job.

MP condemns Government’s guidance on unpaid work trials

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, has condemned the UK Government’s new guidance on unpaid work trials, saying workers will continue to miss out on pay for the work they do.

Workers urged to share experiences of unpaid trial shifts

Workers across the country have been urged to share their experiences of unpaid trial shifts ahead of an SNP MP’s bill to end the exploitative practice.

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