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Latest news

MP supports amendment to the Finance Bill on better tax transparency

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, was one of many MPs to support a cross-party amendment to the Finance Bill calling for a fairer tax system. However, the amendment lost by 37 votes.

Glasgow MP calls for action on tax avoidance

Stewart McDonald, SNP MP for Glasgow South, asked the Government what action is being taken against people using British overseas territories to avoid paying tax on investments.

MP calls for Interpol to be included in anti-corruption summit

Stewart McDonald MP has written to Chancellor George Osborne seeking assurances that Interpol are included in the upcoming anti-corruption summit.

"We need action on criminality not an academic debate on class"

Stewart McDonald MP spoke out in the Commons today on the Panama Papers

Where Now for the Well-Worn Mantra of 'We're All In This Together?'

The huge leak of data from the Panama based law firm, Mossack Fonseca, has laid bare a web of secrecy and lies that has allowed hundreds of politicians, business people and sports-people - including 72 current or former heads of state - to hide wealth, evade taxes and launder money.

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