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MP calls on FCO to pull UK officials from upcoming Saudi summit


Following the death of Jamal Khashoggi, Stewart McDonald MP said that it should not just be Ministers, but also official from any Department in London or from any of the UK embassies around the world that do not attend the upcoming summit in Saudi Arabia.

MP calls on UK Government to end arms sales to Saudi

Stewart McDonald MP, and SNP Spokesperson for Defence, said the UK Government must suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and asked why there was such a large disparity between arms sales to Saudi and humanitarian aid offered to Yemen.

UK Government should explain Geneva Convention to Trump

Following President Trump's Executive Order banning nationals from seven countries, Stewart McDonald MP asked whether the Foreign Secretary had made representations to the President regarding the Geneva Convention.

Human rights crucial to UK-Iran relations

Stewart McDonald MP said he is optimistic that the UK's relations with Iran are heading in the right direction, but warned that commercial opportunities cannot trump human rights or foreign policy.

MPs speak out against Sudan gas attacks

Stewart McDonald MP was just one of several Members of the House of Commons to sign a letter, penned by Waging Peace, following reports that Sudanese government forces have used chemical weapons against children.

Greater progress needed on the case of Raif Badawi

Stewart McDonald MP asked what recent representations the FCO has made to counterparts in the Middle East on press freedom in that region. Despite four years of government lobbying there has been no progress.

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