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Castlemilk Job Centre Saved

Today the Government announced its final decision regarding the closure programme for Glasgow’s Job Centre network.

Southside MP criticises DWP indifference towards Jobcentre users

In a debate on Jobcentre closures, Stewart McDonald MP said the planned closures could devastate communities and criticised DWP Ministers for failing to visit the Jobcentres in Glasgow that the Department wishes to close.

Jobcentres needed more than even following budget

An SNP MP has called on the UK Government to save Glasgow jobcentres from closure, after warning the budget does little to help those most affected by cuts to welfare.

Southside MP calls for apology over mental health comments

Stewart McDonald MP has described further cuts to disability benefits as “completely unacceptable” and called for an assurance from the UK government that disabled people will not be left with less financial support as a result of the proposals.

Calls for DWP to release more information on jobcentre closures

Stewart McDonald MP called on the Department for Work and Pensions to provide more information on proposed jobcentre closures in Glasgow. Minister of State for Work and Pensions, Damian Hinds, said he expected to reveal more in April, but refused to confirm whether or not the announcement would be made in the House of Commons.

Glasgow MPs lodge jobcentre petitions in House of Commons

MPs from across Glasgow presented petitions in the House of Commons expressing concern at DWP proposals to close half of the city's jobcentres.

Southside MPs gives evidence to Scottish Affairs Committee

Giving evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee, Stewart McDonald MP said plans close half of Glasgow's jobcentres will put disproportionate hardships on his constituents and residents across the city.

Jobcentre closures a further example of "Government by Google"

Following DWP's plans to close a further 16 jobcentres in Scotland, Stewart McDonald MP asked Ministers if they had "done another Glasgow" and based the proposals on Google maps. The Minister refused to deny this.

Plans to close Glasgow jobcentres goes even where Thatcher wouldn't

Stewart McDonald MP criticised DWP's plan to close Glasgow jobcentres saying it will add crippling pressures to remaining jobcentres and their service users, and called the plans so disorganised that it makes the Trump transition look orderly.

Southside MP slams Tories for targeting Glasgow Jobcentres

Stewart McDonald MP hit out at the UK Government over its "ridiculous" plans to close half of Glasgow's jobcentres, and criticised DWP Ministers for targeting the city given they couldn't provide any details on the number of service users in Glasgow's jobcentres.

Cross-party call for Mundell to stop Glasgow Job Centre closures

Stewart McDonald MP coordinated a cross-party letter from Glasgow's political representatives to Secretary of State for Scotland, David Mundell, asking him to intervene and stop the Glasgow Job Centre closures.

MP seeks debate on honours system reform

Stewart McDonald MP called for debate on reforming the honours system, after CBEs were awarded to DWP directors behind cuts against disabled people, which were labelled as "grave and systematic violations" of disabled people's rights by a recent UN inquiry.

Call to action: Consultation on Castlemilk and Langside jobcentre closures

The plans to close half of Glasgow's jobcentres is morally outrageous. It will result in some of the poorest communities being hit and make it even harder for those seeking employment to get support. Thousands of people will also have to travel further at additional cost to attend their appointments. 

MP calls on DWP to publish data on jobcentre closures

Stewart McDonald MP asked DWP Ministers when data on the new boundaries by which they want to close half of Glasgow jobcentres would be published. Minster for Work and Pensions, Damian Hinds MP, could not provide the details.

MP hosts first public meeting in bid to save Glasgow job centres

Stewart McDonald MP hosted the first in a series of public meetings in attempt to save Glasgow job centres last night.

Glasgow MPs debate jobcentre closures

MPs from across Glasgow today took part in a debate, led by Stewart McDonald, regarding the proposed jobcentre closures that have been planned across th city.

MP promises to fight for Glasgow jobcentres

Closing a debate on jobcentre closures, Stewart McDonald MP told the Minister for Work and Pensions that the UK Government started the fight against Glasgow jobcentres, and said Glasgow MPs would keep up their opposition in the new year.

Southside MP leads debate on jobcentre closures

Opening a debate on jobcentre closures in Glasgow, Stewart McDonald MP criticised the current plans and called on DWP Ministers to visit Glasgow and meet those affected by jobcentre closures.

House of Commons voices concern over planned Job Centre closures in Glasgow

Members have Parliament have signed an Early Day Motion, tabled by Stewart McDonald MP, raising concern about the planned Job Centre closures in Glasgow, and called on the UK Government to reconsider the planned closures.

Update on Job Centre closures following Ministerial meeting

SNP MPs have today outlined their demands over the planned “callous closures” of eight job centres across Glasgow, following a meeting with the Minister of State for the Department of Work and Pensions.

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