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Latest news | Stewart McDonald publishes report on strengthening support for Ukraine

Latest news

Stewart McDonald publishes report on strengthening support for Ukraine

Glasgow South MP Stewart McDonald has today published a report, entitled “Standing with Ukraine: Steeling our resolve”, outlining the importance of ensuring material support for Ukraine’s battlefield victory, reconstruction, and people remains strong.

Whilst public opinion in favour of Ukraine continues to be high, the impact of the cost-of-living crisis threatens to change attitudes, and Mr McDonald’s paper assess how Governments should continue to make the case so that society’s desire to help Ukraine remains strong.

The paper outlines how the international community must turn its focus to three mains goal in order to maintain support; assisting Ukraine in the battle for their state and the rules-based order, the reconstruction of Ukraine, and giving Ukraine’s people the help they need to recover.Commenting, the SNP’s Defence spokesperson, Stewart McDonald MP, said:“Despite recent Ukrainian gains and a united front from Ukraine’s allies, the next few months will prove difficult for all. One thing we must guard against – and what is the main motivation behind this paper – is so-called ‘Ukraine fatigue’.

“Whilst polling tells us that overall support for Ukraine remains strong, the impact Russia’s war is having on the cost-of-living crisis is also having an impact on public attitudes to maintaining and strengthening sanctions on Russia. We must not shy away from this

“This report will outline some of the challenges that Ukraine and its allies face and will suggest actions the international community can take to ensure not only a Ukrainian victory, but a lasting peace in Europe.

“As economic challenges caused by the war increasingly bite at home, these recommendations are there to help politicians continue to make this point: the war in Ukraine is a fight for all our freedom and Ukrainian defenders of that freedom must be supported. If Ukraine loses, we all lose.”

Also commenting, Lesia Vasylenko, People's Deputy of Ukraine said

This is an existential struggle for the very concepts of democracy, freedom and sovereignty. If Ukraine falls these concepts will tumble with it, emboldening autocrats across the world to commit more atrocities.

“So far this year, there has been almost unanimous understanding of this chain reaction among leader of the free world. The support of Ukrainians has been unprecedented. Even the military assistance has started reaching adequate levels.

“However, Ukraine and the world are still quite some ways from a final victory. This winter will bring a critical test: will democracies stay united in the war of attrition Russia is again waging against the world?

“This report, which takes a strategic and longterm perspective on strengthening support for Ukraine, explains exactly why it is crucial to keep the war in the at the forefront of public discourse. A profound, comprehensive, and accurate reflection by a true friend of Ukraine that must be a guideline for champions of Ukraine the world over.”

Read the full report “Standing with Ukraine: Steeling our resolve” here

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