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The Conservative government recently brought proposals to the House of Commons that would see tax credits cut dramatically for millions of families across the country. In my constituency almost 8000 children live in a household that relies on tax credits.

When these proposals were debated in the House I voted against them. However the government’s majority meant they won the day, and it took the House of Lords to stop the plans in their tracks and force the government to rethink their proposals.

The SNP Scottish Government await to see what new plans the Chancellor outlines in his autumn statement, however they have made clear that they stand ready to support anyone affected by any new tax credit cuts announced by the UK Government.

In the recent Scotland Bill debate on more powers for the Scottish Parliament I voted for amendments tabled by the SNP that would see control over tax credits transferred to Holyrood. Sadly both Labour and the Conservatives voted these amendments down, meaning that control over tax credits will stay with the Tories in London.

Whilst we welcome the new powers that will be coming to Holyrood in the near future, we do not believe that they meet the expectations of the Smith Commission that recommended a suite of new powers for Scotland, or the aspirations of the Scottish people who voted for substantial new powers in the election in May.

I will continue to argue for further powers to come to our parliament in Edinburgh so that we can have an economy and a society that meets our needs and aspirations. I would welcome your views on the Scotland Bill as passed and what changes you would like to see in future.

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