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Latest news | MP calls for urgent economic support for 3 million excluded by Treasury

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MP calls for urgent economic support for 3 million excluded by Treasury

Stewart McDonald MP has called on the Chancellor to urgently step in and provide support for the 3 million people in the UK excluded from financial support from the Treasury since the beginning of the pandemic.

The MP for Glasgow South, has today (Jan 6th, 2021) written to the Chancellor warning of the dire, growing economic consequences for individuals and businesses if they continue to be ignored, particularly with the new lockdown measures coming into force.

The UK Government has repeatedly asserted what help has been provided, but it's estimated that 3 million people have had no meaningful financial help since that start of the pandemic last year

The figure of 3 million is corroborated by Standard Life Foundation who have assessed that 3 million households have been ‘unprotected’. This equates to 10% of the UK workforce.

Stewart McDonald said:

"This is not a question of people not being “helped in the way they would have liked”, as the Chancellor has said on many occasions. This is about people from all walks of life, employments statuses, industries and sectors affecting 3 million people across the UK, their families, and potentially employees, freelancers and sub-contractors reliant on the small businesses they work for, who still remain without financial support.

"The Chancellor must consider the potential solutions that are not complex, and which would provide the vital support needed for the 3 million that he has have actively chosen to freeze out.

"Many are losing their homes, cannot pay their bills, cannot feed their families, are drowning in debt and this has all lead to an already apparent mental health crisis.

See Stewart McDonald's letter to the Chancellor here

"I am pleading with the Chancellor, on behalf of my constituents who need him to act, to do so and do so quickly."

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