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Latest news | MoD shipbuilding plans "nothing to do with ambition"

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MoD shipbuilding plans "nothing to do with ambition"

SNP Defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald MP has said that the UK government's long overdue shipbuilding strategy is 'nothing to do with ambition' and is 'all about squeezing costs to the bone' for conventional defence - which leaves real uncertainties for the long term future of workers at Scottish shipyards.

The MoD announcement today (Wednesday) about the Tories future shipbuilding plans in the UK is the long promised response to the Parker review - delayed a number of times since last autumn.

The Tories have continued to put pressure on conventional defence budgets - while spending on the renewal of Trident is spiralling up - out of any kind of control.

Stewart McDonald MP commented :

‘’This has been very long awaited – long promised and is depressingly as expected from this UK government. It is nothing to do with ambition – it is all about squeezing costs to the bone and cutting corners, and still leaves real uncertainties for the future for workers at Scottish shipyards and the communities that depend on them.

‘’We have been told time and again by the Tories about guarantees and promises across defence – only to find they are broken or forgotten.

‘’The SNP priority will always be to protect the skills and maintain excellence of those workforces. The Tories have a shocking record on cutting conventional defence spending year after year – while continuing with their obscenely expensive Trident obsession whose costs are out of control - meanwhile this looks like cover for yet more Tory cuts in shipbuilding.’’Parliament logo
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