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Latest news | Glasgow MP leads debate on cost-of-living support

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Glasgow MP leads debate on cost-of-living support

The SNP's Stewart McDonald MP today led a debate on how the Westminster-made cost of living crisis has led to a decline in living standards for people in Scotland, and called for the Westminster government to fix its mess by bringing in support for households paying the price.

The Glasgow South MP will advocate for enhanced incomes, comprehensive housing support encompassing mortgage and rent assistance, measures to address energy bills, and initiatives to tackle rising food prices, urging the UK Government to take action.

Recent reports have shown that 15 years of wage stagnation, resulting in an £11,000 annual loss for British workers, and over 4 in 10 struggle with paying their energy bills and rent, 5.5 million UK adults are behind on their energy bills, and around 4 in 10 adults spend more than usual when food shopping.

Commenting, the SNP’s Stewart McDonald MP said:

“The Westminster-made cost of living crisis is hammering millions of household budgets, leaving far too many people suffering from poverty and financial hardship.

"Our household budgets and incomes lag behind our European counterparts, a consequence of over a decade marked by poor decision-making and a failure to adequately plan for future investment and needs."

"Ordinary folk in my constituency and across Scotland shouldn't be left paying the price as a result of bad decisions and economic incompetence from Westminster governments we don't vote for.

 “In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government is doing what it can to improve living standards and address the cost of living crisis. The Scottish Child Payment has lifted 90,000 children in Scotland out of poverty and is expected to reduce child poverty further, and is protecting Scottish families from Westminster's bedroom tax and housing benefit cap.

“However, there is only so much progress that Scotland can achieve whilst the Tory government is undermining our efforts. The only way to guarantee a Tory-free Scotland and ensure Scotland's voice and values are truly represented at Westminster is by voting for the SNP at the next general election.”

Watch the full debate here

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