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Castlemilk Job Centre Saved

Today the Government announced its final decision regarding the closure programme for Glasgow’s Job Centre network.

After a vigorous campaign in Parliament with my fellow SNP MPs and fighting alongside the local community and trades unions, Castlemilk Job Centre Plus has been saved from closure.

Obviously, I am delighted that Castlemilk Job Centre has been saved and that the government has backed down in light of the deeply flawed thinking for its original decision being exposed.

I want to pay tribute to the community and trades unions for their hard work organising Castlemilk’s response to the public consultation, and ensuring that the Government heard their anger loudly and clearly.

My delight at helping to secure Castlemilk Job Centre's future is tempered by the sadness that we were less successful in relation to the other offices.

I’m deepy sorry that we were unable to save Langside Job Centre, or any of the other threatened offices across the city.

Now, more than ever, our Jobcentres need to remain open and local, but they must find a renewed purpose in supporting Glaswegians who need them most. Whether it’s helping those who need to find meaningful work that pays a decent wage for a fair day’s work, or assisting disabled and vulnerable people access the social security and services that they are both entitled to, and deserve.

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