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Latest news | Bill to stop Brexiters’ undemocratic fast-track trade deals

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Bill to stop Brexiters’ undemocratic fast-track trade deals

Stewart McDonald MP has backed the UK International Trade and Investment (Ratification) Bill presented today to stop UK trade deals being fast tracked without parliamentary approval.

It comes amidst concerns that the secretly negotiated EU-Canada free trade deal CETA will be implemented before parliamentary approval and that this deal contains far-reaching powers for transnational companies that will be included in other fast-tracked UK bilateral deals from Brexiters.

The Trade & Investment Agreement Ratification Bill is designed to ensure Parliament can veto and change agreements that may otherwise give massive powers to companies to sue and intimidate UK law makers for decades to come.

It would ensure that all international trade agreements are properly scrutinised in Parliament, and it stops the ‘fast-tracking’ of Bills, which bypasses Parliamentary democracy.

The Bill has cross-party support as pressure mounts on the Government to ensure that post-Brexit trade deals do not compromise on democracy and protection of quality and environmental standards.

The Bill, as presented today 20.7.16, is as follows:

UK International Trade and Investment Agreements (Ratification)

Bill to require the Secretary of State to lay bilateral and multilateral trade and investment agreements before Parliament; to prohibit the implementation of such agreements without approval by each House by resolution; to provide a process for the amendment of such agreements, including any arrangements for investor-state dispute settlement, by Parliament; and for connected purposes.

1. Geraint Davies

2. Edward Leigh

3. Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

4. Hywel Williams

5. Mark Williams

6. Mark Durkan

7. Helen Goodman

8. Stephen Twigg

9. Emma Lewell-Buck

10. Alan Meale

11. Stewart McDonald

12. Jonathan Reynolds

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