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Latest news

Southside MP urges Government to scrap Tory tax on EU citizens

Stewart McDonald MP called on the UK Government to scrap the settled status fee being put upon EU citizens as a result of Brexit.

Tory Defence plan "too little, too late"


SNP Defence spokesperson Stewart McDonald MP has slammed a severely delayed UK government defence report which fails to address many modern security concerns and systemic failures with the Ministry of Defence.

Stewart McDonald thanks local posties as they gear up for First Class Christmas


Stewart McDonald MP visited Glasgow G41-42 Delivery Office to see first-hand the operation of delivering Christmas post and to pass on early Season’s Greetings to its dedicated, hardworking staff.

No-deal Brexit could see Glasgow South lose 400 jobs, study shows

Stewart McDonald, MP for Glasgow South, has said data showing Glasgow South could lose nearly 400 jobs if the UK leaves the EU without a deal is “frightening”, and called on the UK Government to rule out a no deal Brexit.

Local MP raises concerns over cost of Christmas in Castlemilk

supermarketStewart McDonald MP spoke of his concern following a report that showed residents in Castlemilk face spending more time and money on their annual Christmas shop because there is no major food retailer in the community.

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